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Market assessment and industry research

Generated strategy and short-list of pre-qualified manufacturers

One of the world’s largest flooring manufacturers was confronted with a growing and competitive challenge from suppliers in Asia that were capturing more of the North American market as well as the burgeoning demand in Asia. The company wanted an independent assessment of the quality of supply as well as a definition of the characteristics of demand in Asia with the aim to determine the best path to sustainable competitive advantage in their home markets and beyond.


The main objective was to articulate the options and determine where to play and how to win. Namely, determine the potential for sourcing from China and/or acquiring local companies to drive sales in Asia. Alaris led efforts and:


  • Captured key industry statistics and market structure

  • Identified and pre-screened top manufacturers based on required capabilities

  • Conducted site visits to qualify factories

  • Segmented the market for supply and demand

  • Projected trends

  • Detailed characteristics of the supply chain for raw materials and other costs

Key Results

Produced a customized, industry research report on China’s flooring industry, profiling top manufacturers and related channel partners

Developed strategy that depicted qualified sourcing channel partners and acquisition strategies

Quantified operating cost and implementation roadmaps

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