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Automotive aftermarket supplier due diligence

Make vs. Buy Analysis, Supply Chain Assessment, Financial and Operational Modeling, and Strategic

After two rounds of consolidation to build a branded and private label automotive aftermarket platform, this manufacturer and distributor of auto components needed to determine if the current capabilities could drive the agressive objectives set by the management and investor teams. From people to process to supply chain, the operations needed to be assessed to determine if it was built for purpose. Pain points needed to be identified and economic models defined to meet the strategic and financial objectives. Alaris:

  • Led sourcing events to define the cost basis and global trends

  • Quantified and qualified new sources of supply

  • Developed people and process maps to define capabilities and stress points

  • Built financial and operational models for three key suppliers

  • Defined costs and identifed performance / cost improvement opportunities and challenges

  • Led legal, regulatory and financial due diligence for supply chain

  • Defined pricing and supply chain strategy for Asia-sourced parts

  • Refined and pressure tested models to consider dynamic scenarios

Key Results

Defined cost structure and delivered full financials for multiple scenarios to make or buy

Qualified and negotiated new sources of supply

Generated strategy and implementation roadmaps

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