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Consumer market demand strategy

Market Entry for OTC Product

A leading global brand owner of OTC products was looking to determine if there was a viable market for their products in China. The company wanted to verify the size of the potential market and develop a business case, including financial models to determine if entering China could generate a reasonable return on investment.

  • Conducted extensive primary quantitative and qualitative research

  • Defined the size and characteristics of demand across a line of product categories

  • Developed profiles of the main competitors

  • Conducted assessment of the supply chain to determine the viability of outsourcing production to China

  • Qualified suppliers of to ensure viability of strategy

  • Identified and pre-screened candidates

  • Tested product for market acceptance

Key Results

Developed business case and rationale for a product launch for several product categories

Identified white space and core value proposition for target segemnts

Isolated regional variations in taste profiles and market acceptance

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