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Distribution and growth strategy

Target identification and qualification, and market analysis

One of the world’s largest distributors of automotive aftermarket tires was looking for growth opportunities in Asia, a primary source of their supply and a rapidly growing market for tires. The leadership team, comprised of private equity and company executives, wanted to determine the size and character of demand for tires and related services in China as well as profile acquisition targets. The objective was to determine the relative attractiveness, the cost of entry and the complexity of implementing a national roll-up of the tire distribution market in China.

  • Refined target selection criteria

  • Generated and profiled long list of targets

  • Conducted progressive screening of targets

  • Led engagement with the market to refine understanding of targets

  • Led collection and analysis of financial and legal information

  • Conducted extensive primary research to define regional demand characteristics

  • Led consumer market studies to define the consumer’s buying journey

  • Implemented segmentation study to qualify and quantify demand for target categories such as global brands, local brands and private label

In the end Alaris built the business plan for this entry strategy for aggressive growth through acquisition.

Key Results

Delivered short qualified list of acquisition targets

Supported preliminary negotiations and drafted term sheets

Generated strategic and financial models

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