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Due diligence and post-merger integration

Due diligence and post-merger integration support

A mid-market distributor of personal protection equipment was working with a mix of trading agents and direct-to-factory relationships to source from Asia for the North American market. The private equity and leadership teams had decided that the cost structure could be improved and were considering potential ways to reorganize the supply chain, including but not limited to vertical integration. Namely, purchasing one of the trading agents or, less likely, a key supplier.


Alaris was engaged to lead the effort to explore the different strategies which focused on clarifying three options:

  • Buy one of the trading agents and consolidate the spend through this one organization

  • Buy a supplier and house a sourcing team within this company to source what could not be made effectively in-house

  • Continue with the current structure perhaps with some changes to people, process and technology

Alaris started with a review of the targets with the aim to:

  • Define the current state of the organization

  • Assess the financial and operational situation

  • Model the future state

  • Posit plans for post-merger integration

  • Model the leadership transitions

  • Define the implementation time and action roadmap for each scenario

Alaris followed with facilitating discussions on the strategic alternatives and then worked with management to conduct further due diligence on the final target. Working with management through completion of the acquisition and the onboarding, training, reorganization of the new combined entities.


Key Results

Defined the capabilities and quality of the target's operations

Conducted financial and operational due diligence to quantify and qualify post-merger synergies and investment requirements as well as the risk and risk mitigation strategies

Conducted assessment of each employee defining roles and responsibilities of the new organization

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