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Greenfield manufacturing strategy

Make vs. Buy Analysis, partner identification and selection, souring and prototyping

One of the world’s leading producers of ladders needed to establish a manufacturing presence in China to develop a low-cost country manufacturing platform. To accomplish this, the company needed to generate a list of potential manufacturing partners and then assess how best to incorporate the manufacturing base into the organization. Partners needed to be identified, qualified and then specifics of each potential structure defined. Alaris led the efforts and:

  • Performed proprietary field analysis of the supply chain and operating cost structures

  • Applied progressive screening of potential partners, generating short, qualified list

  • Conducted due diligence including review of legal and accounting parameters

  • Created financial models to evaluate multiple scenarios

  • Drafted a term sheet and worked with legal firms to define legal issues and structures

  • Facilitated and coordinated with management to negotiate the final contract

  • Developed and implemented strategy to launch Asia procurement team

In the end, Alaris supported the development and implementation of a new sourcing platform in Asia and partial ownership of key suppliers.

Key Results

Acquired 25% of a local manufacturer converting supplier to captive

Developed solution to significantly lower the purchase price

Year-two production delivered a new source of supply for $30 MM of product with little capital outlay

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