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Greenfield strategy and implementation

Make vs. Buy Analysls, Market Entry Strategy and Implementation

This leading office equipment supplier was facing several challenges with manufacturing including rising costs and diminished quality. The company viewed outsourcing as a solution but was also considering other options such as joint venturing or greenfield. The company needed someone to lead the effort to evaluate the costs, risks and benefits of the various options and develop related strategic options and recommendations. Alaris led the efforts and:


  • Gathered and analyzed detailed supply chain and production data

  • Detailed product requirements and manufacturing processes targeted for outsourcing

  • Developed specification and documentation required to run sourcing events to test the market

  • Provided recommendations on a go-forward strategy to manufacture in China

  • Identified and pre-screened outsourcing partner candidates

  • Progressively refined capabilities, risks and cost factors

  • Conducted negotiations with the top candidates and facilitated final partner selection

  • Developed detailed plans to support an aggressive implementation plan


Key Results

Achieved 28% reduction in total landed cost for outsourced items

Developed and launched an aggressive and rigorous implementation plan outlining detailed activities, timelines, and resources

Negotiated final joint venture and subcontracting arrangements

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