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Growth strategy

Blue sky acquisition strategy review for Asia

A global leader in the printing and packaging industry was challenged with two driving issues: First, profit margins were thin and growth opportunities limited in the traditional printing and packaging service market where the firm held dominant market positions; and second, many clients were requesting value-added services that stretched the capabilities of the current team.  Namely, kitting and sourcing of components not related to printing was a service far outside of the firm’s core competency.  The company needed to determine how and where to grow the business in Asia. Alaris led the efforts and:

  • Conducted an internal assessment of core capabilities and challenges

  • Defined profit margins by service and product line

  • Developed trend information on core and tangentially related markets

  • Qualified and quantified demand in potential markets

  • Defined strategic imperatives and related gap analysis

  • Delivered a list of short term and medium-term strategic imperatives

  • Recommended potential acquisition targets

  • Defined value proposition to implement multiple growth strategies

  • Developed a growth strategy to generate an additional $100m in sales


Key Results

Generated multiple strategies to growth core and adjacent markets

Identified and shortlisted acquisition targets

Delivered medium term strategies to double market share for the core service offering

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