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Manufacturing planning and strategic sourcing

Build operate and transfer manufacturing and sourcing organization

Clients of this US based motor and blower manufacturer were moving operations to China and competitors with operations in Asia were quickly entering the North American market with competitives offerings.  These changes in market dynamics was leading to shrinking margins and declining market share for the company.  It needed to determine if and how to establish a manufacturing presence in Asia to retain clients moving to Asia and develop a manufacturing export platform to service clients in North America.

  • Developed strategic approach to analyze and articulate alternatives

  • Led spending analysis

  • Conducted make vs. buy analysis on products produced in Mexico, China and North America, defining which products to produce or procure and where

  • Profiled and progressively screen the supply base

  • Led joint venture negotiations with existing relationships in China

  • Created roadmap to implement joint venture, including negotiating and developing joint venture agreements

  • Generated and led implementation of launch of China operations

  • Transfered manufacturing assets to China

  • Established and incubateed independent sourcnig organization

Key Results

Launched China manufacturing operations and related logistic network

Reallocated manufacturing locations for certain products

Incubated sourcing team within Alaris infrastructure leading to 20-40% savings

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