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Market assessment and implementation

Market entry strategy and incubation of sales and sourcing organization

A US-based distributor saw key clients moving from purchasing in the US to buying direct from Asia as well as building manufacturing bases there to capture demand in Asia and benefit from lower cost manufacturing for export markets.  The distributor needed to determine how to build a platform to maintain a profitable channel relationship and protect its existing client base, as well as position a service offering to capture growth in Asia from incumbents as well as the rapidly growing market there for value-added distributors of hydraulic and pneumatic products. Alaris led the efforts and:

  • Gathered and analyzed detailed information on the characteristics of supply and demand

  • Identified and pre-screened suppliers, channel partners and potential customers

  • Conducted interviews with top candidates and facilitated site visits

  • Developed a decision framework to help clarify and prioritize the strategy

  • Developed detailed plans to support an aggressive implementation plan

  • Incubated sourcing and sales team with Alaris offices

  • Monitored and managed the first few years of growth


Key Results

Created and launched an aggressive and rigorous implementation plan outlining detailed activities, timelines, and resources

Hired first employees within Alaris umbrella providing a platform to sell and distribute this product line in the Asian marketplace

Defined potential supply base and distribution strategies

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