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Market entry strategy

Financial modeling, operations assessment and site qualification / selection

One of the world's preeminent super premium spirits brands was looking to create a new, unique, and iconic super premium spirits brand that would be produced in China and marketed to the world. The brand owners and leadership team wanted to locate the new distillery and customer experience centers in a setting that would provide a dramatic backdrop to the brand. The perfect site would drive the brand identity by accentuating Chinese provenance.


Alaris worked with the leadership team to develop selection criteria that was initially used to "boil the ocean", identifying a long list of potential sites. From this list Alaris began a progressive screening to create a shorter list that would be more manageable for senior leadership to consider.


As the list narrowed to finalist sites and regions, Alaris began to develop financial and operating models designed to illuminate constraints, risks and risk mitigation for each site. We worked with the legal counsel and the operations teams (internal and external) to further qualify sites on the myriad measures required to ensure compliance, cost containment, and mitigate against delays.  Alaris led efforts and:

  • Developed selection criteria for target sites

  • Qualified sites

  • Led interface with developers and regional governments for site selection

  • Generated detailed cost analysis for all significant inputs

  • Coordinated with brand teams and external brand designers to refine the potential brand narratives and strategies for each site

  • Interfaced with operations, finance and strategy teams to create financial and operating models to compare the costs and operating parameters for finalist locations

  • Delivered 20-year budgets and detailed statement of accounts for multiple sites


Key Results

Identified iconic site for a truly unique offering positioning a distillery (normally limited to industrial land) in a prime tourist location

Conducted extensive review of unique sites negotiating with developers and regional governments to adjust regulations to allow for manufacturing in non-traditional locations

Built dynamic financial and operating models to define cost structures, creating digital twins of operations to support dynamic and highly accurate modeling

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