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Merger integration and organizational redesign

Post-merger integration analysis, planning and implementation

A leading office furniture company purchased the manufacturing, distribution, and sales assets of a Hong Kong-owned company with operations across Asia.  The newly acquired company had a business culture and related operating procedures that did not fit with the policies, procedures, or culture of the acquirer’s global organization.  The acquirer wanted to maintain the entrepreneurial drive that led to the success of the target but needed to have the new firm function within the existing corporate culture.

  • Conducted interviews with management and line staff in both organizations

  • Developed a road map of skills and processes deemed critical to success

  • Defined profiles and assessments of key employees identifying gaps and training needs

  • Facilitated integration projects to help drive change in new product development, quality control and manufacturing

Key Results

Used product rationalization processes as a tool to drive coordination and teamwork in the merged organization

Implemented standard operating procedures for new product development procedures and product culling programs

Delivered assessment and implementation road map

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