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Route to market strategy

Routes-to-market and customer acquisition strategies

This global leader in the office furniture market had been active in Asia for decades but its client base was still primarily servicing global clients active in the largest markets such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. The leading local Chinese companies and those in second and third-tier cities appeared to be attractive potential clients, but it was clear that the current model of direct sales would be difficult to replicate across the entire China market. The question was “what is the best mix of direct and indirect and how to manage what was clearly a very immature, disorganized, and complicated set of segments and client types?” Alaris worked with leadership to drive the efforts to:

  • Define broad macroeconomic trends

  • Create shared understanding of market segments by geography and client type

  • Define distributor and channel partner architypes and operating models

  • Qualify distributors to determine potential fit

  • Posit revised operating models and recommendations to manage specific segments

  • Drive discussions with targets (clients and channel partners)

  • Devise and support implementation of the strategy


Key Results

Created a new strategy of regional direct sales that supported 10 new distributors

Identified list of leading local companies to target

Identified and supported onboarding of new clients that became the largest customers for the entire global organization several years running

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