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Sell-side support for tier-one automotive

Market Sizing, Competitor Analysis and Demand Projection

In preparation for the sale of an electronics component tier-one automotive supplier, the investment team of a leading middle market private equity fund needed an independent valuation of market demand in Asia. The portfolio company had experienced explosive growth over the past few years and a significant pipeline was developed targeting leading and emerging OEMs in Asia. A general overview of the target market, including growth and demand projections by client and segment needed to be developed so that potential investors could appreciate the full extent of the impact to the valuation from rising sales in China.

  • Generated market demand models for the domestic production and consumption of passenger and light truck markets in China

  • Conducted review of operations to create models of sales, distribution, and demand planning, including manufacturing and logistics infrastructure requirements

  • Supported deal team in presentation of market projections to prospective buyers

  • Supported successful sale of portfolio company


Key Results

Defined market size, competitive positioning and growth projections

Delivered data and information as well as a narrative the bolstered the thesis that China growth would have a material impact on valuation

Supported closing of the deal by interfacing with operating and investment teams from the potential acquirers

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