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Senior living strategy

Greenfield strategy modelling for Asia

An international property developer and leader in senior living property investment and management had identified the senior living healthcare sector in China as an area ripe for investment. They were in the early stages of developing the strategy including quantifying demand, identifying specific regions and service levels, and more broadly trying to determine when and how Chinese consumers would make the transition to utilizing senior living facilities.


The company needed a full assessment of the factors that could impact the business such as competitors, consumer demand for a product that was not readily understood or properly valued and an assessment of the operating challenges of working in China. Critically, it was uncertain that they could acquire prime properties at reasonable prices and there was the nagging issue of judging the timing of Chinese consumer behavior would change to accept the value proposition.

  • Conducted macroeconomic analysis to define market size and trends

  • Developed regulatory constraint models

  • Developed and executed national poll to generate quantitative models of demand

  • Generated and implemented national-level qualitative research program to define market segments, service preferences and pricing models

  • Tested product concepts

  • Defined strategy and structure to enter the market


Key Results

Developed unique value proposition and service offerings tailored to Chinese consumer taste and market dynamics unique to China

Defined market segments and products to serve current and future needs for senior living in China

Modelled specific sites for suitability with strategy

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