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Digital, Technology and Data

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We hesitate to use the term digital as it says so much yet says so little about the actual transformation that is possible from the effective application of technologies. Marketa are flooded with firms that have many modern digital systems that cannot deliver value as they are not fit for purpose.

At Alaris we have our favored tools but we are technology agnostic in the sense that we do not run around with a hammer looking for a nail. We find whatever fastener the client is using and then work from this as our starting point. Said differently, we work with the clients to factilitate discussions to define the current state and then articulate the desired future. The digital tools help us get their faster and more efficiently.

For procurement projects we often start with data analytics tools such as Alteryx to compile and clean data sets which we will often present in Tablau or Power Bi as clients prefer. Our due diligence projects are aided by the creation of digital twins created in Decision Critical. And our survey tools for growth strategies include online surveying tools and statistical anlytics.

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